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Ground Preparation

First, the area where the concrete curbing will be installed has to be prepared. Ground preparation is very important in achieving a professional-looking curb. Our team starts by creating a sand base for the curbing to be installed on. 



Second, concrete is prepared in a mortar mixer with sand, cement, fiber, and water as the basic ingredients. The consistency of the mixture is very important. A variety of color additives can be added to the concrete mixture to customize your project.  



After the mixture is ready, the concrete mix is shoveled into our curb machine and extruded into a continuous landscape border. All of our curbing is reinforced with a steel cable which is run through the middle of the curb to add strength and durability. 



When the concrete curbing is extruded from the curb machine, the surface of the curb will have some imperfections. Using a specially formed hand trowel, the concrete curbing is quickly smoothed into a decorative masterpiece.


Stamping and Textures

After the decorative concrete curbing is laid down and smoothed it can be stamped to create patterns using various stamping tools. There are many coloring and stamping techniques that can be done at this time.



To prevent cracking, control joints are then added every three to four feet while the surface is still wet. These control joints can be hidden in the stamped curb pattern or tooled for a finished look. A clear sealer is applied to colored curbing to protect it from the sun and to preserve the color.


Clean up

Since there is no form work, no landscape damage and no elaborate set-up, clean-up is minimal. We take the time to clean any "slag" which may fall from the edges of the curb machine. This ensures grass or plants will be able to grow directly next to your new curb.

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