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Plowings are aligned with morning & evening rush hours so that you can get in and out of your driveway at critical times. Our goal is to ensure you can get out of your driveway each morning. When the event is over, we make a second pass, at no extra charge, to perform a detailed final plowing & sidewalk/walkway shoveling.


Keeping driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks clear of snow is a necessity for every business and home during the winter months in Western New York.

KURB APPEAL LLC has a fleet of heavy-duty pickup trucks equipped with top-of-the-line plows. Each pickup truck is also equipped with a snow blower and shovels, in addition to the vehicle operators.

Our snow plowing services can be performed on a per-plow or seasonal basis and are customized based on your property.


Clearing driveways and parking lots of snow is only the start in keeping your property clear during the winter season.

KURB APPEAL LLC uses commercial snow blowers to tackle the deep snow and drifting making your sidewalks impassable. Contractor-grade shovels are used for hard-to-reach areas and finishing touches.

Sidewalk and walkway services are available as a seasonal contract only. This service can be purchased without snow plowing services.

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